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Spare Parts Services
Diagnostic Table


Our highly experienced and dedicated engineers who are trained by the original maker with many years of experience, are able to inspect, overhaul and repair the following makes such as: 







Dynamic Balancing

It is important that rotorshaft are regularly checked to ensure that they are properly balanced. Correctly balanced rotorshaft reduce vibration during operations, thus saving on wear and tear.

Imbalance can be caused by deposits on rotorshaft, uneven wear of rotorshaft and damage during operation, caused by foreign objects and distortion of rotorshaft.

Accurate balancing optimises the service life of the bearings until the next overhaul. Excessive vibrations caused by blade imbalance can damage the entire turbocharger. At Turboexchange, we correct the imbalance before delivery to our customer.

Turbine Blades Repairs & Fly Ash Blasting

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Shaft Repair & Metal Spray

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Other services such as fly ash blasting, steam cleaning, etc...


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